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Expansion of the montain refuge "Cesare Benigni" Ornica (Bergamo)

Expansion of the mountain refuge "Cesare Benigni" to Lake Piazzotti:

2005-2007 to Ornica (Bergamo)

Expansion of the existing building by building new building in stone quarry with processing type "semi-rural" and wooden roof covered with corrugated sheet prevernicata, all for the formation of the new dining room with attached toilet woman-disabled people accessible both inside and outside.

Formation of new toilet for men with access only from the outside.

Adaptation aqueduct, through the creation of water storage tank at an altitude of 2230.00 in order to ensure the water pressure in the water system for civil use of the shelter and replace the existing pipe with new pipe having a diameter adapted to the new requirements.

Extraordinary maintenance work mountain refuge "Cesare Benigni" to Lake Piazzotti:

2012-2014 to Ornica (Bergamo)

Works aimed at the "old" part of the refuge consist in replacing the roof with new warping and roofing, upgrading electrical and water supply, adjusting the escape of the dorm room on the first floor and construction of separate waste collection point.