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Other services

Topographical surveys and measurements

Metric measurements are made of various types and sizes with subsequent processing Cad.

  • Borders: instrumental survey of the area, next graphics processing with the endorsement of the terms (markers) to identify the boundaries of places, streets, areas or areas where excavation will be placed and constructed the building.
  • leveling: instrumental findings of areas of land to design the leveling through earthworks and surfacing, necessary for the implementation of road layouts, new buildings and other works.
  • plans listed: instrumental findings of areas of land in order to describe graphically, using contour lines, their pattern altitude.

Technical expert estimates and real estates

Drafting of appraisals, appraisals for damages and disasters and technical consultations party.

Accounting for building (service aimed at building companies)

Construction assistance through the accounts of the works. Contacts construction supervision and with the assistance in the negotiation.

Editors estimates (service aimed at building companies)

Assistance to companies in the preparation of construction cost estimates.